PHOTOGRAPHY: Amber Weimer Photography
HAIR & MAKEUP:  Hair & MakeUp By Steph


Hello Everybody!
Yes, you read the tittle correctly! I'm saying goodbye to my blog!
I thought it would be fitting to use the photoshoot I opened my blog with!

Before I dive in, let me start by saying that I am truly happy about my decision! 
My only regret is that... I never made it on GOMI (Get Off My Internet Blog) haha!
Anyways, This has kinda been a Long Time Coming.  

I've been blogging for 5 years now!
Back when I started, I had a 5 year-blogging plan. Yup, I'm that kind of person. Somewhere around year 3, I started loosing the passion of it all. Maybe my divorce had thrown me off course. But none the less, I still had one foot in while one foot out! I had made so many friends and connections along the way, that I decided to stick it out.  I told myself that if my blog did not go anywhere incredible in 5 years... I'd start a new journey. 

Hello Year 5!




Not all of it was bad! In fact, there was so much good that came out from this, that it's one of the top reason's why I decided to stick it out, and the reason why it took me so long to start closing this chapter.

Yes, bloggers get tons of perks and free things, etc but that wasn't even the best part of this! During this past 5 years;

  • This shy "outgoing-Introvert" girl got out of her comfort zone, and put herself out there.
  • I created a blogging network community, which without, I would've never had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people.
  • I've made new friendships and connections. Some of who have become my bestest friends! 
  • I got to collaborate with AMAZING talent, designers, photographers, and companies whom I've followed and looked up to for years.
  • I got to learn so much more about the fashion, design, business, and marketing industry!
  • I got to dip my toes in new projects!
  • I witnessed myself go through hard experiences, changes, and hopeful grew from them.
  • I watched myself become a wife again and a mom! And all the pictures & memories in the world to prove it!

    It's been a good 5 years!!!

When I first started blogging, I had just come from modeling for over 13 years. My talent-agency had just gone out of business and no other agency in Utah really knew what they were doing. I decided I wanted to keep modeling on my own terms and so I turned my online portfolio into a blog and continued modeling as an independent artist.

I also got into blogging at a time where Blogging was coming out from underground and escaping the "Cafe Loving-Too Cool For You- Obnoxious Hipsters Stereotype" and only a handful of great bloggers had made it big and made a difference. // It was only a matter of time until Blogging turned more into like an MLM fad and a rat-race. Specially where everyone and their dog's (literally) started popping out with blogs.

  • Once that happened, companies stopped offering marketing budgets. Now that there are so many bloggers, there's always someone willing to do it for free, right?! That's not all bad, because  that's a part of being new and growing. However, working with a blogger is a way of advertising and advertising ain't free.
  • Companies then started setting 'Standards' and only setting up campaign/advertising budgets for bloggers with more than 10K/ 20k/ 50k/ Followers. Which let's be honest; that's a smart business move! BUT then bloggers... Some. Not all....(but a lot) started to inflate their numbers AKA "Pay to Play"
  • Google's Algorithm, Social Media's Algorithms, and SEO all started changing their ways and started cracking down on Businesses of all sizes. That had a direct effect on small brands and influencers too. I'm not sure if this was a direct consequence from our industry or if it has something to do with the Net Neutrality Battle. Either way, no one has found the magical answer of how to get back on top organically. Anytime someone has figured out a new method, the game changes. These new methods are so intricate that it doesn't even feel 'organic' anymore.
  • While we're being honest, I'm guilty of having played a few games in the past.  May have signed up for 1-2 services that do your social media work for you, because I refused to stay glued to my phone like a thirsty teenager. However, Organic and Non-organic.... It made no difernece. 
  • It's gotten to a point where my hard-work and efforts do not pay off the same. Where my heart has not been in this for a while... I just didn't see a point to it anymore.


While I don't plan on getting rid of my brand name ever, my domain will likely remain up but probably remain idle.  I'll be trying out a few new projects. I'll be back when the time feels right!


Thank you to EVERYONE, even if it's just 20 of you (I don't know how many people still read blogs anymore). But everyone who has supported me, my blog, and my crazy ideas! It has seriously meant the world to me and has given me the confidence to go on to a new journey! You guys are the best and I'd love to encourage you back and tell you to go be your own cheerleaders as well and start doing that thing you've always wanted to do, whatever it may be!!!

Love you all,